How to submit a blog post

Please email us with your idea or a draft of your post:

You can download and read the Style Guide for the blog below. This includes important information on referencing, use of images, and more:

If this is your first time writing for a blog, you may also want to read this incredibly useful guide on writing an effective blog post:

We will soon be running a weekly drop-in session. Watch this space!

Writing a blog post: FAQs

Who can submit a post? The blog mostly contains writing by students and staff of the University of Sussex Anthropology department, but we very much welcome guest posts: just get in touch to discuss your post.

What should I write about? Something you care about! You could adapt a piece you’ve already written, such as an essay, thesis or article. You might write something in response to a current issue or news story. Book reviews and interviews are also welcome. If you have an idea, get in touch.

How long should the post be? 750 words is a good word count to aim for. We don’t have a limit on words, but try to keep it short and succinct if you can.

Do you accept all submissions? We will try to publish all submissions sent to us. We edit all posts, some more than others, and always as a collaborative process with your final approval. If your piece isn’t ready for publishing, we’ll just ask you to work on it a bit more.

Helpful resources for students

Royal Literary Fund Writing Support – writing support for all students

English Language For Academic Study (ELAS) – for students whose first language is not English