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Waking up to Brexit

by Paul Boyce On the morning of 24th June I had what I have since learnt to be a common experience. I lay in bed in conscious abeyance; Schrodinger’s Brexit: ‘If I don’t know the result it has not happened.’ I held the forestalled moment for some time. Yet somehow too I imagined that it […]

The Business of Homelessness

by Joe Baldwin Homelessness in Brighton, UK ‘is so in your face…you just can’t avoid it,’ said one frontline worker at a volunteer-run day-centre for homeless people. The organisation works with young people in the city who sleep rough or are insecurely housed. I volunteered there one day a week as a frontline worker beginning in […]

Corruption: Formal and Informal

by Paul Gilbert **Originally posted at Sociology Lens.** In a 2014 review article for Sociology Compass, David Jancsics outlined a ‘minimal consensus’ on what constitutes corruption, drawn from his survey of literature on corruption in sociology, economics, organizational studies, political science and anthropology. The four poles of this consensus, Jancsics suggests, are that corruption is the “informal/illegal and […]

Deportation, Punishment and Everyday Life

by Ines Hasselberg **Originally posted at University of Oxford website** The UK Borders Act 2007 allows for foreign-nationals sentenced to 12 months or more of imprisonment to be automatically served with a deportation order because it’s deemed conducive to the public good. In the context of the increasing and, I dare say, normalised use of […]

Food…Use It or Lose It?

by Sandy Bonnington Each year 7 million tonnes of food and drink are thrown away in households around the UK with over half of this being perfectly edible (Love Food Hate Waste, 2016). Food waste is an issue that has been ignored for too¡ long and is only finally getting the attention of the public […]

Picturing the Financial Elite: Who are the City of London?

by Hanna Malka Isn’t it interesting how the financial elite (of places like City of London) can be so involved in bringing about a crisis affecting the entire global economy, and yet we do not know who they are? News stories focus on people suffering from the financial crisis, yet we know next to nothing […]

Mainstreaming the Use of Contested Spaces

by Andy Chapman  The decision by Barclays Bank to close a local Brighton, UK branch in June 2015 created an empty space to languish behind an ornate façade at a busy commercial and residential intersection. In a matter of months, the site of the longstanding bank premises changed hands twice. The building was first occupied […]