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The Power of a Story: I, Daniel Blake

by Tim Perkin I am no avid film fan. I can barely sit through an entire episode of Breaking Bad or Homeland let alone a whole film. But my experience of I, Daniel Blake was very different. I was fixed to my seat, my eyes glued to the screen in front of me, immersed in […]

On capitalist utopia and the rightful share

by Deniz Seebacher & Julia Büchele The title of James Ferguson’s latest book (2015) draws from (arguably) “the world’s most widely circulated development cliché”: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Contrary to the widespread assumption that most of […]

Are explorers the descendants of our past?

by Kevin Karaca As a climber I am fascinated by the wilderness: great empty canyons or vast tundras worthy of expedition, steep tall cliff faces ready to climb. These hinterlands seem like they have always been like this, ever desolate. Given that we can hardly live here ourselves with all the insulation and technology to […]

Big Business & Ideology Swapping

  by Dinah Rajak For a discipline so interested in kinship, anthropologists have shown relatively little interest in ideological lineages among elites. Although anthropology is, quite rightly, concerned with the everyday realities of ordinary lives, sometimes the biography of elites (whether of the reactionary or revolutionary sort) can be equally revealing for tracing the trajectories […]

Anthropology and Elites: ‘Studying up,’ Politically

by Paul Gilbert **Originally posted at the Developmental Leadership Program** Some strikingly parallel questions are being asked in my own discipline of anthropology and by those examining how donors and practitioners can think and work politically with developing communities. Those parallels struck me again at a recent international workshop organised by Jessie Sklair and myself at the University […]

Picturing the Financial Elite: Who are the City of London?

by Hanna Malka Isn’t it interesting how the financial elite (of places like City of London) can be so involved in bringing about a crisis affecting the entire global economy, and yet we do not know who they are? News stories focus on people suffering from the financial crisis, yet we know next to nothing […]