From the Field: Mexico

Levi Vonk, alumni of the MA in the Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation (2014) at the University of Sussex, was awarded a Fulbright fellowship last year to research Central American migration in Mexico. Chronicling his research on how Mexican immigration policies affect Central American migrants, Levi has written for policy, academic, and popular audiences. These are some of his best.


Big in Mexico: The Migrants’ Saint

The Atlantic  •  June 2016

Undocumented migrants attempting to cross into the U.S. offer prayers to Juan Soldado, their patron saint.


Long Walk to Deportation

Foreign Policy  •  Jan/Feb 2016

What happens when the U.S outsources its Central American immigration crisis to the Mexican government?

Embed from Getty Images


How Four Dudes Skated from El Salvador to the U.S. to Flee Gang Violence

Rolling Stone  •  17 July 2015

Skating thousands of miles to escape violence and destitution means hiding in plain sight. 


Migrants on Activist Pilgrimage Dodge Police, Gangs Across Mexico

Latin American News Dispatch (LAND)  •  30 April 2015

Bringing visibility to the plight of Central American migrants under Mexico’s new southern border security policy—as only a hundreds-mile pilgrimage modelled on Jesus’s walk to crucifixion can.

Cover Photo: © Geraint Rowland Photography 2012. Non-commercial creative commons license. Embedded Photo: © John Moore at Getty Images. Free to embed.

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